Dog Handling Response Unit and Dog Patrols Service

Dog Handling Response Unit / Dog Patrols Service

Many people assume ‘Dog Patrol’ is simply putting a couple of dogs into your premises at night, and collecting them the following morning; this is NOT the case. UK Legislation does not allow this. So what do we provide as part of our service? Our guard dog patrols provide you with an SIA licensed and qualified dog handler, together with fully trained guard dogs which make up a professional security team. We tailor your security solution to meet all of your needs which are agreed in advance with you.

It is all very well having a top of the range security system, but unless it is contractually police monitored, who is going to run the risk of responding to your alarm activations?
Our expertly response-trained security guards, with the back-up of highly trained security dogs, are the ideal response team to ensure the safety of your premises by entering, investigating and arranging the correct response.

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